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Supporters of Changing Places 

We are lucky to have so many campaigners and supporters of the Changing Places campaign accross the UK as this is a subject close to the hearts of many.

Here are what just a few of our supporters have said,


“Changing places for Frankie are so important as without them being able to go out for a whole day is impossible.  Frankie's needs regarding toilet facilities are essentially the same as it is for anybody but she needs to use it in a different way.  I think if you ask people who can use conventional toilets how they would manage if the toilets were all taken away and they would have to wait until they got home to be comfortable again and they wouldn't be able to spend a day out and have lunch etc then that would give an understanding of what it is like for Frankie." - Sharron Ashley-Hill, Gloucester


"My condition affects my whole body, not just half.  I cannot even lift my arm to scratch my nose.  So, when it comes to me using the toilet it takes two experienced carers, a lifter, a full-body sling and a table.  It is not an easy task and I still have trouble accepting the way I live today.

Everywhere I go, I see public disabled toilets for the able-disabled, people who have the muscle strength to move from A to B – not for the physically disabled.  It is very disheartening.

I cannot leave my house for more than three hours at a time because I have to come home to go to the toilet.  I cannot continue to live my life around a toilet.  This has affected my everyday living because I cannot be a normal 23 year old.!" - Zia Westerman, Changing Places Champion


"My story is pretty simple – went from unforgivable ignorance as an uncle, to realising that this was so basic a need that we needed to do something.  The fundraising for a facility is our first target, but the big prize has to be awareness and eventually getting these facilities made compulsory and widespread.  I enjoy riding my bike anyway, so the real challenge really was getting those like Lois and her friends, who haven’t been on one for years to do 60miles with me – that’s what made it." - Grant Speed, Arbroath, Scotland

Little_Echoes.png“Our daughter has a rare genetic condition which impedes her mobility, causes severe hypermobility and has short stature (to name a few issues). At 3 1/2 she is still in nappies and only now is she just able to walk short distances and she needs input from orthopaedics, walking aids, and physiotherapy to help her. She is also autistic and nonverbal. The lack of changing facilities (baby or accessible) is not going to be a temporary problem for us. In fact, this is something which is going to affect the quality of her entire life.  This issue is about giving real choice and fair access to the world around us. It is about treating each individual with respect and valuing their humanity. Embrace our diversity. Encourage acceptance. Facilitate REAL inclusion. When one member of a family is unable to participate in society, the chances are the whole family will also find difficulty." - Tracey Provan from Little Echoes, Sweden

Mike_LeSurf.jpg"As the development officer for the Changing Places consortium it is a real pleasure to be working with Aveso as our campaign sponsors. Aveso have supported the campaign from day one of their involvement and work closely with the Changing Places team. Aveso also support families and individuals who need Changing Places provision alongside developers and providers to make sure that the campaign goes from strength to strength." - Mike LeSurf, Changing Places Development Officer

Lloyd_Page.jpg"The Changing Places campaign has really taken off in the past year and I’m incredibly proud to be part of it. I was thrilled to see the first Premiership football stadium install a Changing Places toilet and we’re working hard to get the stadiums hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup to install Changing Places toilets too. Here’s to another successful year and to reaching a new milestone of 700 Changing Places toilets!" - Lloyd Page, Changing Places Volunteer at MencapMuscular_Dystrophy_UK_Logo.pngThe Muscular Dystrophy Trailblazers is a national network of more than 400 young disabled people who work together on a national and local level to highlight and address the issues that are important to them.

They aim to fight the social injustices experienced by young disabled people and support the Changing Places campaign along side Astor-Bannerman and Aveso.

Here's why Changing Places are so important so just a few of the Trailblazers:

"For a lot of people, including myself, planning a journey and visit to such places as shopping centres, cinemas, tourist attractions, concert venues etc revolves around the availability of a suitable toilet facility. As you can imagine this can be extremely frustrating and time consuming, not to mention highly degrading when trying to plan around a basic bodily function" - Hayleigh Barclay, Ayrshire

"I am unable to weight-bear at all, so I need a changing table and hoist to be able to use the bathroom safely and with dignity.  Otherwise I have to wait until I go home, which often means I have to cut short my trip out" - Catherine Alexander, Wirral

"Please make this happen. It means that I can do things that most 26-year-olds do.  Also it’s good for the economy as if people are out for longer, they could spend more and they'll be with other people who too will spend more" - Rupy Kaur, Sale

"This would make going out a lot easier and allow me to stay out for longer without worrying about when I need to use the toilet and just have the chance to enjoy myself" - Matilda Ibini, London

"I cannot use any other type of toilet.  The only CP toilets in Northern Ireland are in public office buildings of universities.  This is a HUGE PROBLEM!” - Michaela Hollywood, Northern Ireland


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