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Why do we need Changing Places?

There are 10 million registered disabled people in the UK.  Without Changing Places, around 230,000 people will not be able to visit places that so many of us take for granted.  We need many more Changing Places toilets in the UK and abroad, for the simple reason that everyone has the right to visit and go to all of the places they want to.

In the UK the number of people who would benefit from a Changing Places toilet can be broken down as follows,

  • 130,000 older people
  • 40,000 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • 30,000 people with cerebral palsy
  • 13,000 people with an acquired brain injury
  • 8,500 people with Multiple Sclerosis
  • 8,000 people with Spin Bifida
  • 500 people with Motor Neurone Disease


This video featuring campaigners Bethan and her daughter Lowri explains more about why Changing Places are so important to them 

We need more Changing Places in:

  • Airports, Sea Ports, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Motorway Service Stations
  • Hospitals, Day Centres, Doctors Surgeries
  • Hotels, Exhibition Halls, Museums, Theatres, Cinemas, Theme Parks, Holiday Parks, Tourist Attractions
  • Shopping Centres, Churches, Town Halls, Sports Centres, Sports Stadiums
  • Universities, Government Buildings
  • Cities, Towns & Villages


Without Changing Places, people like Joshua Wilson have to be cared for on urine soaked toilet floors or unsuitable baby change units.  The alternative is to stay soilet for hours at a time or to simply not go out at all.



For another perspective, take a moment also to read our blog post written by Hayleigh Barclay recently who is a Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazer and Changing Places user here

For further information on how we can help, call us today on 01242 820820 or the official Changing Places sponsor Aveso Ltd on 01242 822979.

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