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Current vacancies

There are no current vacancies.

The Business

For over 20 years' we have been manufacturing height-adjustable bathing, changing and hoisting equipment for people with varied needs.

The Astor-Bannerman business was born out of the belief that special-needs equipment should offer life improving functionality - and carried forward by the determination to fulfill not only those needs, but also the aspirations of individual clients.

We are also proud to be the exclusive UK supplier for Beka Hospitec patient handling and hygiene systems, which enables us to offer an even wider range of products and solutions to all areas where patient handling and hygiene systems are needed, including hospitals, nursing homes and domestic situations.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and total quality in the equipment we produce and services we provide is a 'way of life' at Astor-Bannerman.

Equal Opportunities Policy

All eligible persons shall have equal opportunity for employment and advancement at Astor-Bannerman on the basis of their ability and qualifications and fitness for the work. There must be no direct or indirect discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, age, race or disability against any eligible person whether in recruitment, training, promotion or in any other way.

Astor-Bannerman Employment Equality Policy