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        Astor-Bannerman help to make history with Aveso by assisting with the first accessible Changing Places in a Tesco Supermarket

        Following the success of Asda in Sheffield, Tesco Extra in Stourbridge have recognised the need for life changing fully accessible Changing Places facilities for many thousands of people who require extra care and are unable to use standard accessible toilets comfortably.

        Standard accessible toilets don’t provide changing benches or hoists and are often too small to accommodate more than one person. This means that all too often people with profound and multiple learning disabilities as well as those with other serious impairments and disabilities and their families are forced to risk their own health and safety by changing their daughter or son on a toilet floor.

        This new landmark facility will allow many more families to visit their local Supermarket which is something many of us take for granted.

        The Tesco Changing Places facility has all the required elements including:

        • Ceiling track hoist
        • Changing Table – Height adjustable, adult sized
        • Wash Basin – Height adjustable
        • Toilet with space for 2 assistants
        • Grab rails, Privacy screen, Waste disposal bin


        For the new Tesco Changing Places facility, the Astor-Bannerman A2B 2 Function Ceiling Hoist was chosen and installed due to the level of safety, ease of use and the simple XY design which gives full room coverage.

        Our self-charging A2B hoist allows users to retain their dignity by being comfortably transferred from wheelchair to toilet and/or Changing Table. This also saves time as well as reduces the risk of injury to user and care giver.

        As official co-sponsors of the Changing Places campaign Astor-Bannerman helped Tesco to achieve nationwide press coverage by holding an official opening event to raise awareness and celebrate this landmark Changing Places facility.

        The mayor of Dudley gave a moving speech about what an important step forward this is and the facility was enjoyed by some of our campaigners including Samantha Buck and her son Alfie and Tony Clough, mum Margaret and sister Julie who without their strength and dedication, this would not be possible.



        The opening event was a huge success and involved Radio interviews, local and national newspaper coverage which have helped Tesco and the Changing Places campaign gain the recognition they deserve.

        Click the images or links below to view online articles,

        Tesco_CP_Stourbridge_News.jpg Tesco_CP_The_Grocer.jpg Tesco_CP_The_Bridge.jpg

        Stourbridge News

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        The Bridge

        Euan’s Guide

        Our hope is that more Supermarkets will take the same steps as Tesco and one day Changing Places will be a reality in all public places.

        If you would like any more information on any of our equipment or free services available, or if you are considering installing a Changing Places toilet, contact us today to speak to one of the team.