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        Peak School is a Special School Academy in the North West corner of Derbyshire. It caters for children and young adults (aged between 2 and 19) with a whole range of needs, particularly those with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), communication difficulties and challenging behaviour.

        As the children get older, the school faces some challenges with the current facilities, including access to the school’s Hydrotherapy Pool.

        The Hydrotherapy Pool is a fantastic facility which aids pain relief and provides therapy for children with a range of disabilities. It is also beneficial for wellness as it is a relaxing, calming experience for the children and teachers.

        Changing Tables are vital for children who need changing assistance. Peak School were finding that without this equipment it was restricting children from using the pool. They recently had a new pupil join, who required a large shower trolley, both for personal care and in order to access the Hydrotherapy Pool.

        The Multicare XXL has helped tremendously! The pupil who joined us in September has finally been able to access the Hydrotherapy Pool.’  – Nat Gill & Ruth Gregory, Peak School.

        Having the shower trolley has made  a huge difference to the pupil who joined last September. He has desperately wanted to use the Hydrotherapy Pool and he can finally access it, safely and comfortably.

        ‘The trolley has helped with his confidence and physical health.’

        The Multicare & Multicare XXL have also made a huge difference to the other children using the pool, helping them to maintain better changing positions, which are more comfortable for staff and pupils. The tilt mechanism has also been extremely useful, as well as being able to flatten the top of the trolleys (especially when changing students who struggle with excessive secretions).

        Peak School are delighted with the service they received from Astor-Bannerman, with quick responses and solutions to any queries they had.

        ‘We would recommend Astor-Bannerman and the equipment!’ – Nat Gill & Ruth Gregory, Peak School

        If you would like to find out more about Astor-Bannerman’s range of Shower Trolleys & Changing Tables, click here.