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        When designing a Changing Places Toilet, understanding your venue and how the facility will be accessed and used is key to selecting the right equipment.  For public venues, choosing equipment that has been designed to be robust and low in maintenance demand is a very important factor. 

        The Astor Invincible Changing Table is a product that offers unrivalled robustness, simple hygienic upkeep and uncompromised comfort, making it a perfect “public” solution.

        Astor Bannerman, as sponsors of the Changing Places Campaign through Aveso, recognised that changing tables designed for use in a domestic setting were fundamentally flawed in design to cope with the demands of a Changing Places Toilet or public venue.  Wear & tear and vandalism bear heavily on padded surfaces, handsets, exposed wires and vulnerable parts, so the Astor Invincible was developed, component by component, to ensure that vulnerable parts were eradicated.  The result is a very robust product, IK10 tested – the highest level of rated protection against impact, requiring reduced maintenance and call-out investment.

        The main unique and patent pending feature of the Astor Invincible is the stretcher material – a highly cut resistant material that flexes to give a comfortable surface to lie on, and also a surface that is very easy to disinfect and clean.  The stretcher is also incorporated into the frame in a manner that minimises gaps and nooks & crannies, sealed to give a hygienic and easy to clean surface.  There is no shower tray to collect dirt and contamination, yet the Astor Invincible is designed to be used in wet rooms and is an IPX4 rated product for waterproofness. The stretcher design gives a very hygienic solution, minimising infection risk, and allowing regular cleaning to be easy and efficient – giving effective sanitation in a short time.    

        The overall minimalistic design, whilst being very in vogue with urban industrial styling, gives a perfect robust and hygienic product.  There are no exposed parts, wires, controls or fittings, making this a truly tamper-proof product.  The controls are integrated into the frame with two sets of simple up/down control buttons to choose from to suit the care-giver’s position and preference.  One set is positioned on the front cover of the upright frame and one on the front of the stretcher frame, dismissing the need for a handset controller that is much more easily tampered with.  The fittings are all security fixed and there are no removable parts – no requirement for an extra padded mattress for example, as the stretcher itself provides comfort in itself.  This contained design is both robust and hygienic – no extra parts to tamper with or to harbor grime.

        Astor Invincible:  Robust. Hygienic. Comfortable.

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