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Brave 13 Year old Joshua Wilson was diagnosed with a reoccurring brain stem tumour at just 3 years old. After lifesaving brain surgery, a 3 month coma and 18 months Chemotherapy Josh now has complex physical needs, epilepsy, scoliosis, joint problems, an acquired brain injury & partial blindness. Josh requires 24 hour care and wears pads which need changing throughout the day.

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity was established in August 2013 and are well on their way to reaching their target of raising £100,000 before their first Birthday. Their mission is to help children who have / have had a brain tumour and their families with advice, support & financial solutions, with special focus on those who also have post surgery disabilities. In officially sponsoring the charity, Astor-Bannerman have pledged to help the charity with their work and hope that together we can provide the support and advice that many children and families in the same situation need.


Astor-Bannerman first met Joshua and Mum Dawn in 2012 at a disability exhibition where they were choosing a suitable bath for their home adaptations. Once our Rio height adjustable Bath with air spa was chosen and installed we met with Dawn again on a number of occasions and heard about all the fantastic work they are doing with their charity and had to be involved. During this time, Josh became extremely ill, spending time in intensive care. The overwhelming love and support they received from everyone around them during that difficult period was incredible and in time, Josh thankfully pulled through.

Working together with The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity and their team of fundraisers and Superhero ‘thumb raisers’, Astor-Bannerman will be able to assist in giving hope, advice and the right equipment for the children and families in need. We will also be helping to promote ‘Changing Friendly’ and official Changing Places toilet facilities ensuring that the correct equipment is chosen which is so important to so many disabled children and adults who are unable to use standard disabled toilets.

“It’s impossible not to be completely consumed by the roller coaster life and story of Josh and Dawn and as such it’s important for us to be able to help other children like Josh who, despite everything can put a smile on anyone’s face.

We are incredibly excited about how our relationship has already developed and are absolutely thrilled to be working together for such a great cause.” 

Wendy Payne – Astor-Bannerman Marketing Manager


“I can’t put into words how heart breaking it is to know that I can’t fix Josh, but it’s him who continues to inspire me and the charity. Although we know we’re on borrowed time now, Josh is so empowered by his charity and it helps to keep him smiling and strong and it’s his strength that means we can help other children and their families.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Wendy, Anthony and the team at Astor-Bannerman to Team Super Josh and look forward to our #ChangingFriendly partnership.” 

Dawn Fidler – Charity founder and mum of Joshua


If you know of a child like Josh who may need our help or if you would like to donate or follow our progress, email us today


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