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Astor Seated Shower

Dignified, independent and efficient showering solution

  • Reduces the hours required to wash a person being cared for
  • Provides the person being cared for with privacy and independence without sacrificing thorough cleanliness
  • Can be used in a multi-user environment with an automated disinfection cycle between users which can incorporate an anti-Coronavirus disinfectant
  • Astor Seated Shower enables social distancing during showering – Reduced infection transfer risk
  • Daily showers – Recommended to help prevent Covid-19*

Simple and quick installation

  • Astor Seated Shower can be installed into an existing wet room within 2 hours
  • Simple plumbing can be fed off existing hot and cold supplies in the bathroom and power can be run in trunking to an existing point
  • Full installation can be delivered by Astor-Bannerman

Loan Stores

  • Astor Seated Shower can be wheeled easily from one property to another once the need has passed in a particular home
  • Astor Seated Shower incorporates a built-in disinfection cycle and an antiviral disinfectant can be used to protect against Coronavirus

*Dr. Faruk Yorulmaz, head of Public Health Department at Trakya University Medical Hospital


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