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        Astor-Bannerman we are proud to sell a free standing reclining bath known here as the “Kinet” which offers non slip, easy entry and exit with no risk of leaking doors.  This bath has the option of an 8 jet warm air spa and can easily be used in conjunction with a hoist and sling for the less able bather.

        The Kinet is suitable for both assisted and independent bathing and has a special ergonomically designed and shaped bath unit which tilts from vertical to horizontal to allow a comfortable bathing position.  Once the water is released with the special quick drain system, the bath can be tilted forward again allowing the bather to easily and safely step out.

        This fantastic bath is manufactured in Germany by Beka Hospitec where it is known as the “Invita” Bath.  Beka Hospitec manufacture and distribute very many innovative care products for the nursing and therapy market all over the world.  To view their website and see their range of products visit

        Further a field in Canada, Angel Accessiblity Solutions also sell this bath where is bears the name “Angelica”.  They also sell and distribute many other high quality healthcare and assisted bathing products and you can find more information on the products and services they provide here

        This may be a bath of many names, but it is a marvellous piece of care equipment and would be an asset to any multi user care environment, especially where space is limited.


        These fabulous photographs have been generated and kindly provided by the Steve Roper Group who we would like to thank sincerely.  For more information on the services provided by the Steve Roper Group check out their website here

        For further information on the Kinet Bath, please click here.