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Changing Places facilities are an incredibly important part of the day to day lives of thousands of disabled people in the country.

So what are Changing Places?

In simple terms, Changing Places are like disabled toilets but they are larger, allowing for wheelchair and up to 2 care givers to be present.  In addition, they have extra facilities including a hoist, changing platform, basin – preferably height adjustable, and a centrally located toilet. They also include a privacy screen, wide paper roll and large waste disposal unit.

All this is integral to the care of people with profound and multiple disabilities.

There are currently approximately 12million disabled people in the UK and roughly 230,000 of them have multiple and profound disabilities so need extra assistance to go to the toilet or change continence pads.  To cater for all these people, there are currently only 577 fully equipped disabled Changing Places facilities in the country.

Without Changing Places, these people have to make the decision of either ‘making do’ on a toilet floor or baby changing unit, or simply staying at home.

These Changing Places are not a luxury but are actually a necessity to the daily care of thousands of people.

What can we do to help?

We are travelling the country visiting existing Changing Places facilities on what we are calling our #CPTour. By doing this, we want to show how different spaces can be used to incorporate Changing Places and the wide range of equipment that can be installed.  We hope to show how important they are to the thousands of companies, tourist attractions, airports, train stations, football grounds, shopping centres and many more public places.

It’s important for as many people as possible to help us to raise awareness of Changing Places in order for these companies to take the steps to incorporating Changing Places.

If you would like to see more about our #CPTour and how you can get involved, click the logo below


Here is one of our Twitter friends Raf (@FlyingMeeces) who has joined in with our #CPTour to show the Changing Places facility at the Trafford Centre, Manchester and help to raise awareness of how important they are.  Thanks Raf!


There are other ways you can get involved and help if you want to see Changing Places toilets in an area or location near you.  This could include joining a local campaign, or perhaps even starting your own.  There is a huge amount of information on how to do this, along with information packs which you can download on the Changing Places website here

So why would companies spend money incorporating Changing Places?

By dedicating a room for this purpose, this means that many more people can and will visit them due to their increased accessibility.  Obviously this will result in more sales to their particular attraction and release people from their homes.  Everyone wins!

Why should there be so many standard toilets for able bodied people yet such limited facilities for the less able?  Where is the equality?

How can I find my nearest Changing Places?

The official Changing Places website has a search feature which helps you find your nearest Changing Places.

Feel free to use this to plan any visits you may have by clicking the logo below.


Where can we get advice on the requirements of a Changing Places facility?

With over 20 years experience in the medical equipment industry, Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd became the official co-sponsor of the Changing Places Campaign under the name Aveso and are on hand to provide help and advice regarding potential projects, equipment and installations and much more.  To get your copy of the practical guide, email or call 01242 8222979


We really hope you will help us to promote Changing Places because we believe that everyone has a right to visit the places we as able bodied people so often take for granted.

For more information on Changing Places please email or call 01242 822979 today