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Ash_Field_Academy__Bradgate_Park_Photo_Student.jpgIt’s with great pride that we can announce the launch of a new song called ‘When You’ve Got To Go’ which has been created and presented by a group of secondary and FE students from Ash Field Academy in Leicester to raise awareness and promote the need for better disabled access toilet facilities.

‘When You’ve Got To Go’ features the Changing Places toilet facility installed by Astor-Bannerman at Bradgate Park, Leicester featuring the Nivano wall mounted Changing BenchCarlo Mobile Hoist and ABW6SP height adjustable wash basin.  A top spec Changing Places facility to be proud of.


Here’s what Ash Field Academy had to say about the project,

“This term the secondary AAC (assistive, augmentative communication) group consisted of 4 students. The topic they decided to work on was to campaign for better toilet facilities.

One of the students had previously contacted his local MP and the Prime Minister regarding the lack of fully accessible facilities.

Working together with Ash Field staff and musicians Dan Britton and Kev Bayliss, the students decided it would be a good idea to write a song and maybe get some video footage to support the campaign.

The lyrics to the song are based on words suggested by the students. They did this by using different forms of communication; speech output communication devices, iPads, sign language and their voices.

All the students have experienced inadequate facilities. However, as a group, they decided that they needed to adopt a positive approach with positive video footage. We looked on the Changing Places website and found there were 8 fully accessible Changing Places toilets within a 10 mile radius of the academy.

The venue the students chose to visit was Bradgate Park .

One of the students emailed the Estate Office at Bradgate Park to ask their permission for the group to visit and assess their Changing Places toilet facility and to take some photographs and video footage to go with the song we had written.

The visit to Bradgate Park was arranged. The students were very impressed with the well maintained Changing Places toilet facility. It was very spacious and complete with a changing table, mobile hoist and a adjustable sink. It is fully accessible to its’ disabled visitors.


The video footage from the park was edited and mixed together with some footage of the students using their communication devices during the recording of the song.

We would like to share with you ‘When you’ve got to go’. To help raise awareness and promote the need for better disabled access toilet facilities.

We would like to thank Bradgate Park for allowing us to assess their facilities and Neil Segrott for recording and mixing the track for us.” – Students of Ash Field Academy, Dan Britton, Jane Lynch.

Watch the music video in full here,

Changing Places are life changing facilities for many thousands of people who require extra care and are unable to use standard accessible toilets comfortably.

Without Changing Places, people with profound and multiple learning disabilities as well as other serious impairments such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis or an acquired brain injury, often need extra facilities to allow them to use toilets comfortable.

You can find out more about the involvement of Astor-Bannerman with the Changing Places at Bradgate Park here.


If you would like any more information on any of the free services and equipment we offer as co-sponsor of the Changing Places campaign (Aveso Ltd), or if you are considering installing a Changing Places toilet, contact us today to speak to one of our team.