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What are Changing Places?

The Changing Places campaign is all about having better facilities for the people who are unable to use a standard toilet area and making venues more accessible.

Changing Places are larger than standard disabled toilets giving space for up to 2 assistants.  They feature a changing bench and hoist system and give a safe and secure environment for People with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well as other serious impairments such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis or an acquired brain injury who often need extra facilities to allow them to use the toilets comfortably.


Many people take it for granted that they will be able to go out and always be able to find a toilet and, let’s face it, don’t even think about the possibility that there may not be readily available facilities for them to use.  We just don’t give it a second thought.  Now image your life completely revolved around and having to find a fully accessible toilet and changing area every time you wanted to go out.  Not just a toilet with a Doc M Pack and a slightly wider door, but a really good size room where you could freely move a wheelchair - a room that would allow other family members or specialist carers to be with you and a room that was completely fitted out with the right type of specialist care equipment such as a ceiling hoist and a large showering and changing table.  You could only visit the shops, train station or local DIY store if you had access to a facility such as this.  Now image how hard your life would be if you had to plan every single trip you made around finding a Changing Places Toilet.  You couldn’t just jump on a plane or nip into a city for a bite to eat or even go to the theatre. 

Changing Places is about just that - Changing Places for the better.  We need everyone’s help to achieve more and just because a person needs some extra care, they shouldn’t be restricted from going to places and taking part in activities or visiting different attractions.  

So let’s not allow our disabled children, Mums, Dads or our less able loved ones to become prisoners in their own homes.  We all have the right to get up and go out when we want and not worry about how difficult it is to find an accessible changing Places Toilet.  We want more from our towns and cities.  There are currently 805 wonderful Changing Places Toilets in the UK (as of 1st February 2016).  This sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  Sadly it’s not enough.  We need thousands of Changing Places Toilets in the UK and Europe.  So let’s change places and at the same time change lives for the better.

Changing Places... Changing Lives


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