Occupational Therapists

Working Collaboratively with Occupational Therapists to deliver solutions to support families living with a disability at home.

Our expert team are on hand to work with you to provide excellent solutions to cater to the complex care needs of your clients, with a full range of specialist bathing, patient handling and changing and showering products.

We understand how important it is to assess a client’s needs thoroughly, and that is why we offer on-site demonstrations of equipment so that your families can experience the equipment first hand to ensure that it fits their requirements completely. Our friendly, dedicated team will then work closely with our customer service and engineering teams to ensure room design through to product selection, manufacture and installation is seamless.  We take pride in our after-sales service too, maintaining equipment and supporting any after-sales needs

Innovation is key to Astor Bannerman, and our research and development is on-going to ensure that we continually improve our product offering, creating desirable products that look and feel like home, with unique and often hidden features to support. We do this by understanding our customers and working with experts in the field, gleaning feedback at every stage within and post development.

Considered Solutions

The origin of Astor Bannerman was sparked by a request from Muscular Dystrophy UK for a height adjustable table to support an individual in their own home. Since this early request, Astor Bannerman has worked closely with different health bodies and experts to develop products that address specific challenges, providing solutions to improve lives.

Desirable Designs

Astor Bannerman has always understood the importance of quality and appealing design alongside functional requirement.  Detailed consideration goes into every aspect of the design process to ensure needs are met and that the resulting products look appealing and desirable for individual homes, not like medical equipment.

Choice and Customisation

And by listening to our customers and expert friends, we understand the importance of offering choice. That is why, where possible, we give options so that our customers remain in control of what they put in their homes, for example colour options on bath seats, hand rails or mattress, accessories, tap sets, spa lights and sound.  We want to give our end customers the choices they deserve to create their very own product solution that suits not only their needs, but also their preferences.

Flexible Needs; Prolonged Independence

We also know that for many of the families we are working with, the situation is not going to remain constant.  Degenerative diseases require flexible solutions to provide long term solutions.  We consider this with every product that we design, to ensure that the solution we provide will give on-going support even when support needs increase. We also promote prolonging independence, and the design elements of our products take this into consideration; future proofing a solution is key.

The Astor Bannerman Way

Astor Bannerman is a trusted partner offering quality and reliability

We do not just sell product –we build relationships with on-going support

We invest heavily in product development creating the best product options

Astor Bannerman works with you to find solutions to suit your needs

In partnership we train, we listen, we refine & develop

Quality Assured

We pride ourselves on providing high-end built to last products, with high quality components, offering a reassurance of safety.


Our Work & Partners
We proudly work with most Occupational Therapy teams across the UK, and frequently attend OT team meetings and offer demonstrations and CPD training.
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Details on our product range for OTs are available below, alternatively should you wish to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please contact us here.

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