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Astor Flexo


The Flexo is a stylish height adjustable shower-toilet chair designed to give maximum comfort but also to be easy to manoeuver, minimising the risk of back strain for the care giver.  At its highest position, the person sat in the chair is at eye-level with their care-giver which allows for positive interaction and easy communication, and minimises strain caused by awkward bending.  This height also allows the chair to be manoeuvered directly over a toilet.  The chair will lower to 50cm from the ground to allow for safer transfers.  The chair is fitted with foot, leg and armrests for added comfort and safety.

A very versatile answer to address the practical needs of transporting someone to use a toilet or take a shower but with a contemporary style and design.


  • Maximum load 135kg
  • Simple adjustable hydraulic height control
  • Lowest position 50cm; highest position 105cm
  • Base:  70cm wide; 82cm deep
  • Upholstered seat with seat opening
  • Liner for seat opening
  • Upholstered foldable armrests with front locking to allow sideways transfer
  • Upholstered backrest
  • Foldable footrests with calf pads
  • Footrests touch the ground when in the lowest position
  • Maximum tilt  of 15 degrees
  • Safe hip fixation
  • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan
  • Lockable plastic swivel castors, stainless steel wheel housing


  • Comfort legrests



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