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        Astor bannerman FAQ’s

        What are you office opening times?

        Our Head Office and experienced team are available from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have. You can call the team on 01242 820820

        Can I arrange a product demonstration at my home?

        Yes. Our Product Specialists and Area Managers are always on hand to help and provide demonstrations at a time and place convenient to you. To see who to contact in your area, click here.

        Do you charge for demonstrations and quotations?

        No. All demonstrations, quotations and even site surveys are completely free of charge and come with no obligation.

        Do you provide team meetings for myself and my colleagues?

        Yes – we always welcome team meetings and CPD meetings and can train you on our equipment as many times as you would like us to. We will also provide you with a certificate and light lunch on the day. To arrange a meeting, please contact our Head Office on 01242 820820 or your Area Manager direct. You will find their details here.

        Who is the sales representative for my area?

        We have 5 Product Specialists covering the whole of the UK who would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. To see all Sales Contacts and who covers your area, please click here. You will also see and a postcode map indicating areas for your convenience.

        Are you open over the Covid-19 Lockdown

        Yes – As our work is essential to all our customer groups to keep people safe and healthy within each care environment, we are open and have no plans to close.

        What happens if I have an appointment for someone from Astor-Bannerman to come to my house and someone in my household has symptoms linked to the Coronavirus?

        Please inform us and will arrange for a new visit later in the month.  If symptoms start at any point before the appointment (even on the day), please call 01242 820820 immediately and we will notify the relevant person and cancel the appointment.

        What do I do if I urgently need product assistance?

        Call our head office on 01242 820 820 8am-4pm and speak with our experienced customer support team.  

        How do I place an order with Astor-Bannerman?

        Please contact our friendly team on 01242 820820 who will be happy to discuss your requirements and guide you through the process every step of the way. Once you have done that, your order will need to be given in writing, with an official Purchase Order and Quotation Number if applicable. Orders may be sent in the post or by fax or email.

        Will you still be carrying out repairs?

        Yes.   Please call 01242 820820 and we will arrange for one of our engineers to attend.

        Can I delay my install or service appointment, and if so, will you charge me?

        Yes you can delay your install or appointment without charge as long as you provide 48 hours’ notice.

        Do you have a brochure containing all your products?

        Our products range in price depending on your specification. We also offer a bespoke service so pricing can vary greatly. If you know which product you would like pricing for, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation, alternatively if you would like a full price list please email or call us on 01242 820820 or complete our Contact Form.

        Do you have technical information and drawings for your products?

        Yes, we have technical information and drawings for all our equipment which you can find on our Technical Page. If you can’t find what you are looking for or need further information you can contact our Technical Hotline on 01242 822972

        How long is the warranty on my equipment?

        Most of our equipment comes with a total of 3 years warranty when a Service Contract package is purchased. Under Warranty we will replace any faulty parts free of charge and perform repairs where necessary so you will not be left without fully functioning equipment.

        What do I do if my equipment stops working?

        In the unfortunate event that you experience an issue, contact our Technical Hotline straight away on 01242 822972. They will be able to provide over the phone assistance where appropriate or arrange for an engineer to visit you and perform a repair. Please note, the more information you are able to provide about the issue and your details, including any reference numbers you may have, the more efficiently we will be able to assist.

        Are your products sanitised before they are installed?

        Yes.  All products are sanitised and cling-wrapped before despatch.

        What measures are you taking when you are on site/in people’s homes?

        All engineers and Astor-Bannerman staff wear full protective equipment/ clothing during any works or visits.  This includes a face mask, gloves, paper boiler suit and shoe covers, which are discarded after each visit.

        Use of hand sanitizer and regular handwashing before gloves are put on and at the end of any job.

        Daily monitoring and recording of temperature is being completed by each field service engineer.

        We are happy to be flexible with times when our work is completed to minimise contact with you or your family members should you wish it.

        At the end of an installation, service or repair we will be able (if you wish it) to mist or fog the work area or complete room with an anti-coronavirus disinfectant. Both options will simply require the room to be left for 1 hour before use.  For more details, please see our Coronavirus Disinfectant statement.

        Can I still have a site visit/demo?

        Yes.  The sales team are taking the special measures listed above, and are still offering on-site demos where needed.  We also offer voice calls, video calls and conference calls to assist with finding you perfect solutions to meet your needs.

        Do you offer a remote service for advice and help on products?

        Yes.  If it is not possible for someone to visit you, we can offer sales and support advice via telephone, video call or conference call.

        What additional aftercare do you provide?

        In addition to our manufacturer’s warranty we offer a range of Service Contract packages which will enable you to annual or 6 monthly servicing, depending on your Service Contract type. This also permits you to unlimited free labour and travel for unlimited repairs and an additional 20% discount off any parts required. If your equipment is covered by the 3 year warranty in conjunction with a Service Contract, you won’t pay anything for spare parts until the end of the first 3 years when you will then get a 20% discount. Please note that no discount is given to parts needed due to misuse or physical damage. 

        Can you still service and maintain equipment?

        Yes.    All the special measures outlined above allow us to continue servicing and maintaining equipment.

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        If you have any questions which we have not answered above, or if you would like us to list a FAQ above, please contact us and we will help you straight away.
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