Matira Height Adjustable Modular Bath with Powered Seat astor bannerman
Matira Height Adjustable Modular Bath with Powered Seat astor bannerman
Matira Height Adjustable Modular Bath with Powered Seat astor bannerman
Matira Height Adjustable Modular Bath with Powered Seat astor bannerman

Astor Matira

Height Adjustable Bath with Powered Transfer Seat System

A feature packed height adjustable bath with powered transfer seat system (detachable). It is an ideal choice to promote independence in the home, allowing a safe transfer into the bath without the need to use a hoist.

  • Integrated detachable powered seat system for safe transfer – removable for general family use
  • Seat chassis for easy transfer from the bathroom to bedroom
  • Height adjustable to minimise handling strain
  • 1,600 mm compact option
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The Astor Matira height adjustable bath with powered transfer seat system is designed to offer safe, secure and comfortable independent and assisted bathing.  The fully powered transfer seat and bath are operated at the touch of a button and are extremely quiet and smooth offering a safe and easy entry and exit from the bath for those that need a little assistance but do not need to be fully hoisted.

Standard Features:

  • Maximum Working Load 150 kg  /24 st
  • Detachable powered seat with lap strap, nursing arms, obstacle sensors and a transfer chassis
  • Choice of taps with TMV2 or TMV3 controls
  • Battery backup
  • Length Options: 1600 mm or 1700 mm (x 750 mm)
  • Working height range: 680 mm-1080 mm
  • 3 Year warranty (Terms and conditions apply)

Optional Extras:

  • Air spa
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Colour changing light therapy system
  • Commode seat
  • Range of service & warranty packages – Please ask for further details

When in use, the transfer seat locks securely to the lifting arm and fold away arms on the seat give the bather extra comfort and reassurance.  For extra bathing assistance, the seat can quickly be detached from the bath and positioned on an optional transfer frame enabling easy bathroom to bedroom transfers. When the seat is removed, a headrest can be added to the seat post to give versatility of usage perfect for the whole family.

The integrated powered seat with its lap strap and nursing arms enables bathers to transfer safely and comfortably. Obstacle sensors ensure the motion halts if necessary. The seat can also be completely removed, and a headrest fitted to enable comfortable bathing for the whole family.

The 1,600 mm option of the Astor Matira Bath is ideal for small bathrooms and ensuites, with the unique internal shape giving the bather a spacious but supported bathing experience. The smooth lines also allow for easier cleaning and superior hygiene control. With a proprietary bearing system, multi-layer GRP panels, twin gel coated seat and high grade 304 stainless steel parts, the Astor Matira has been built to the highest standard and is designed for longevity.

As with all Astor Bannerman assisted baths, the Matira bath has a battery backup in the event of a power failure and access for floor and ceiling hoists if required.  The orientation of the seat can be selected and the Matira bath also has a wide range of optional extras which are offered to customise the bath to individual client needs.  Options include warm air spa system, Bluetooth music system with integrated speakers and colour changing LED lights for an added sensory experience.

A simple, beautifully shaped bath which has been designed without compromise and makes an excellent cost-effective bathing solution.

The Matira bath has a 3-year warranty* for extra peace of mind and has a range of thermostatic mixer tap options and a Kiwa KUKReg4 approved gantry shower if required.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Dimensions and weights
Length:                                 1600 mm or 1700 mm
Width:                                   750 mm
Width with chair out:             1420 mm
Min stroke height:                 780 mm
Max stroke height:                1080 mm
Weight without water 1600:  approx. 118 kg
Weight without water 1700:  approx. 133 kg
Filled capacity 1600:            approx. 215 l
Filled capacity 1700:            approx. 195 l
Seat Maximum Load:           max. 150 kg
Max Working Load 1600:     478 kg (product, patient and water)
Max Working Load 1700:     508 kg (product, patient and water)

Electrical Data

Applied Part:                         Type B
Protection Class:                   I
Power connection:                230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption:             Max. 1.25 kW
DC output:                            24V, 8A
Operating Mode:                  Short-term operation
Duration of treatment:          10%, max. 2 min on & 18 min off
Noise level:                          10 °C to 40 °C
Relative humidity                 30% to 95%, non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure:        800 – 1060 hPa
Minimum:                             1 bar (cold and hot water connection)
Maximum:                            5 bar (cold and hot water connection)
The pressure should be identical for both lines!

Storage and transport
Temperature range:              5 °C to 70 °C
Relative humidity:                10% to 80%, no condensation at 20 °C
Atmospheric pressure:         50kPa – 106 kPa

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Maximum working load (kg)250 kg280 kg300 kg250 kg
Seat: 150 kg
300 kg210 kg
Height adjustment (mm)300 mm300 mm400 mm300 mm400 mm200 mm
Heighest working height1000 mm1000 mm1080 mm980 mm1180 mm1010 mm
Lowest height700 mm700 mm680 mm680 mm780 mm810 mm
External Width745 mm745 mm800 mm750 mm835 mm935 mm (External)
External Length (options)1680 mm1960 mm2100 mm1600 mm or 1700 mm1700/1900/2100 or 2300 mm1908 mm (External)
Side doorYes (powered)Yes (manual)
Tilt in Space23 degrees
Powered seat systemYes
Autofill optionLow profile taps onlyLow profile taps onlyYesYes
Neatfold stretcher optionYesYesYesYes
Warm Air Spa System optionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Colour Change Light System optionYesYesYesYesYesYes
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