Astor Grip Strip Half Moon 1000 mm Bolster

With many versatile uses the Astor Grip Strip Bolsters add comfort and support to a whole range of different changing, bathing, showering or seating surfaces.  And with the grip strip system used to hold the bolsters in place, you can rely on the support remaining in the set position for as long as you need it to be there.  Need to switch things up? No problem! Simply remove the bolster by peeling it away from the surface, and you are all ready to reapply it in a new position.   And don’t worry – the bolster will peel away cleanly leaving no residue behind – just the original smooth surface.

  • Fix to any dry surface using our ‘grip strip’ system; easily repositioned or removed
  • Versatile support that can be used with many types of care equipment
  • Perfect side bolster or to cushion hard edges
  • 1000 mm x 50 mm radius
  • Made from PVC fabric
  • Easily cleaned using standard cleaners
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The “Grip Strip” Bolster range from Astor Bannerman includes a selection of bolsters and support cushions designed alongside a team of Occupational Therapists to ensure maximum added comfort and support. The “Grip Strip” system will hold the bolster in place on any dry surface by simply applying a small pressure over the grip strip. The bolsters can be easily removed and repositioned as many times as you like.

The bolsters offer a selection of different support to cater for the many varying support needs, and can be used on different surfaces including changing tables, baths, neatfold stretchers, shower seats and trolleys. By using a combination of different bolsters, a versatile and custom made support system is easily achieved.

The Astor Half Moon 1000 mm Bolster is an ideal side bolster on any changing surface, or could be used to give added protection to hard edges. With a radius of 50 mm, it is unobtrusive, and still gives good access for a carer to reach over, yet offers side support and a disincentive to roll.

The bolsters are made from PVC fabric and can be easily cleaned using standard cleaners. Please note that these bolsters do not provide postural support and should not be used in place of a guard.

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