Astor Bannerman is proud to announce the completion of a significant green energy project: the installation of a solar PV array on the roof of our Andoversford factory. This project marks a major step forward in our mission to reduce our environmental footprint and embrace renewable energy.

We commissioned Centreco to carry out the installation, which was completed this week. The new solar array consists of 100 panels and will provide us with a guaranteed maximum output of 35kW per hour under full sun conditions. 

We anticipate using approximately 80% of the energy generated by the solar panels for our operations, with the surplus energy being sold back to the grid. This approach not only reduces our reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also contributes to the broader energy community by supplying clean energy.

This solar PV array project forms just one part of ongoing sustainability efforts. From reducing plastic waste in our manufacturing processes to achieving ISO14001 certification, and now embracing renewable energy, we are consistently working towards a greener and more responsible business model.

Our commitment to sustainability is not just about meeting current standards but about leading by example and continuously seeking innovative solutions that benefit both our company and the environment.

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