Ceiling Hoists & Mobile Hoists

Discover more about how we can support your ceiling hoist, mobile hoist and other equipment needs within a specific setting on our category pages.

OpeMed Logo - Astor Bannerman
OpeMed was established in 2008 with a clear mission to provide flexible moving and handling solutions to the healthcare market. In 2020 OpeMed became a division of Astor Bannerman.

OpeMed specialise in providing cost-effective solutions for your patient transfer, assisted bathing and changing needs. Contact us for products which are installed in the home, school, long-term-care, swimming pool or hospital including Changing Places.

The Astor OT200

The Astor OT200 overhead ceiling track hoist is one of the smallest professional-use hoists on the market. Helping to reduce carer back strain, this ceiling hoist makes patient transfer easier from wheelchair to bath and changing area, or even room to room, whilst preserving the dignity of the user.

The Monarch 

The Monarch Portable Ceiling Hoist is one of the lightest on the market weighing only 5kg, whilst lifting the industry standard of 200kg. Ideal for occasional or multiple room use, the product is robust and charges with an AC Charger.

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