Case Study: 

House made Home, London

Astor Bannerman are pleased to make a difference to another family, in an exciting project in London, involving the refurbishment of a family home to make it totally accessible and suitable for a client with Cerebral Palsy.

The new build needed extensive work and adaptations of the internal layout were required to accommodate the specialist equipment.

We are currently able, for projects in and around the South East, to complete internal works and adaptations in tandem with the installation of the Hoisting and Assisted Bathing equipment; we can provide a full turn-key service including building works to modify the structure of the building or rooms.

The project did present several challenges, namely the short time limit as the family had a deadline by which they would be moving in. All in hand, they were able to move in to their fully accessible home a speedy 9 weeks from the start of the works.

With the family able to move in when anticipated and the impressive finish of the rooms and equipment, we can consider the project a resounding success.


The design and product placement in an installation like this is always very important.

Assisted Bathing: The Kiva Height Adjustable Assisted Bath was fitted into a brightly decorated red en-suite bathroom. A top-of the range bath, the Kiva included some impressive features.

  • Air Jets – A hot-air cooling A hot-air cooling system integrated into the bath offers your residents the opportunity to take a relaxing bath.
  • Colour Light Therapy System – Two LED headlights built into the side of the bathtub body allow a comfortable light therapy without unnecessarily dazzling the occupants.
  • Integrated Music System: Two high-quality vibratory speakers are integrated into the body of the bath, transforming the musical sounds into water vibrations, resulting in a tangible sound experience for the occupants and therapy according to the latest findings.
  • Neatfold: The unique Neatfold Stretcher has a patented centre-fold design. This design allows the stretcher to fold into and out of place ensuring the client does not need to be moved away from the bath. The perforated surface not only allows water to drain but also allows the steam of the bathwater to keep the client warm as they are towelled and dressed.

Ceiling Hoist Solutions: The bedroom and bathroom was fitted with a OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist on a full room covering XY (H) System. These were interconnected using our Magnetic Gate allowing the client to travel from bedroom to bathroom with ease.

Multi-floor Connectivity: The bedroom also featured the HomeLift Through Floor Lift. This allowed easy access from the ground floor to the first floor of the property where the family had built a sensory play room.

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