The design of the Astor Compact DCII dementia-friendly height-adjustable bath signals a significant advancement in dementia care. Engineered with practical features tailored specifically for dementia care settings, and the only bath to be designed for people with dementia, the Astor Compact DCII aims to alleviate stress for the bather and their caregivers.

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This guide shares seven key features of the bath that contribute to its effectiveness.

one. auto lockout mechanism

One standout feature of the Astor Compact DCII is its auto lockout mechanism, which prevents accidental water activation and immobilises bath features, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

two. built-in auto-fill system

Additionally, the built-in auto-fill system allows caregivers to initiate the bathwater flow while focusing on other tasks, reducing the risk of overfilling and streamlining the bathing process.

three. ergonomic design and height-adjustable functionality

The ergonomic design and height-adjustable functionality of the Compact bath range prioritise comfort for bathers while minimising strain for caregivers.

four. durable construction

Built to high standards with durable materials, including a proprietary bearing system and high-grade stainless steel parts, the Compact range ensures longevity and support.

five. integrated powered seat

The integrated powered seat facilitates safe and comfortable transfers for bathers, with features such as clip and lock lap strap, nursing arms, and obstacle sensor.

six. contrasting-coloured seat option

The option for a contrasting-coloured seat aids individuals with visual perception issues, often associated with dementia, while the detachable seat option allows for customised bathing experiences.

seven. gantry system with temperature control

The gantry system, with WRAS approval and TMV3 temperature control, further enhances safety and reliability in the bathing process. Caregivers can easily monitor water temperature with the digital display, ensuring comfort for bathers.

Overall, the Astor Compact DCII offers practical solutions tailored to the needs of dementia care, aiming to reduce caregiver stress and provide a safer, more comfortable bathing experience for people with dementia.

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