The Astor Kiva Fusion height adjustable bath with stretcher, guards and shower is the ultimate fusion of bathing, changing and showering. Created after extensive consultation with disabled people and their families and carers, Astor Bannerman’s brand-new Kiva Fusion Bath combines the shape and style of the UK manufacturer’s popular Kiva bath, with an integrated stretcher, guards and trigger shower, giving families the functionality of three pieces of equipment in one.
The Kiva bath itself has generous internal and external dimensions to help give more comfort and space for the bather to stretch and relax their muscles. The integrated neatfold stretcher gives maximum room to change and shower as it covers the full length and width of the bath. It can be safely folded away to one side of the bath top or to the side of the bath.
Unique to this bath – the integrated guards ensure that the bather can be changed on the neatfold platform safely, without the hassle of adding and removing guards. This innovative design has taken the classic Kiva bath and added many new and improved features. The modern digital controller allows simple adjustments to be made to the flow and temperature of the water delivery through the bath spout or the trigger shower head.
The controls can also be regulated through a phone App or linked to a smart home system, and include an auto fill feature. As with all Astor Bannerman baths, the Astor Kiva Fusion is made using the highest quality materials including twin actuators and smooth rail systems to ensure stability. It comes with a range of features and options to suit the ever-changing needs, from childhood through to adulthood.


Key Features of the Astor Kiva Fusion included as standard:

  • Smooth glide integrated neatfold stretcher
  • Foldaway integrated guards
  • Height-adjustable
  • Bath mounted digital controller with phone app connectivity
  • Autofill
  • Battery backup
  • 3 Year Warranty (terms and conditions apply)


Optional Extras:

  • Air spa system
  • Integrated Bluetooth music/sound system
  • Twin LED colour changing light system
  • Internal knee blocks / universal footboard
  • Body, head and neck support cushions
  • Service & maintenance packages

Visit the Astor Kiva Fusion page for more information, or call 01242 820820.

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