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          Astor Compact DCII
          Dementia Friendly Height Adjustable Bath

          Astor Compact DC II

          Dementia Friendly Height Adjustable Bath with Powered Seat

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          • Dementia friendly care features
          • Lock out controls
          • Height adjustable to minimise carer handing strain
          • Thermostatically regulated water delivery (TMV3)
          • Built-in sensor to prevent overfilling
          • Integrated powered seat for safe transfer
          • Detachable seat system option
          • 1600 mm and 1700 mm options
          • WRAS approved gantry system
          • Robust GRP panels and leg covers

          The Astor Compact DCII Bath is the first bath specifically designed for use within a dementia care setting.  The unique auto lockout ensures that the water cannot be accidentally turned on and that the bath features are immobilised. The bath has a built in  auto-fill system to enable the carer to set the bathwater running unattended, without the risk of overfill.

          The unique shape of the Compact bath range and height adjustable design give maximum comfort to the bather and minimal strain and ease of use for the carer.  With a proprietary bearing system, multi-layer GRP panels, twin gel coated seat and high grade 304 stainless steel parts, the Compact range has been built to the highest standard, designed for longevity.

          The integrated powered seat, with its clip and lock lap strap, nursing arms and obstacle sensor, enables bathers to transfer safely and comfortably.  On the Compact DCII, there is an option for the seat to be of a contrasting colour to help bathers with perception issues to sit down more assuredly.  The seat is shaped to give optimal carer access, especially with the commode seat option.   There is also a detachable seat option where the seat can be completely removed, and a headrest fitted to enable comfortable bathing when the seat is not in use.  A transfer trolley is available for safe and smooth transfers.

          The gantry system is WRAS approved and provides backflow protection to fluid category 5 level and TMV3 temperature control.   The bath water controls are fitted with a separate TMV3 temperature control with a digital display showing the temperature of the water leaving the spout.


          • MWL 150 kg/24 st
          • Powered seat with lap strap, nursing arms and obstacle sensor
          • Bath filler system with built in TMV3 temperature regulation and ¼ turn controls
          • WRAS approved gantry with backflow protection of fluid to Cat 5 level
          • Autofill sensor to prevent overfilling
          • Emergency battery backup
          • Size Options: 1600 mm or 1700 mm (x 750 mm)
          • Working height range: 680 mm -1080 mm
          • 3 Year warranty (Terms and conditions apply


          • Coloured seat
          • Air spa
          • Bluetooth sound system
          • Colour changing LED light system
          • Detachable seat system with head rest
          • Seat transfer trolley
          • Commode seat
          • Range of service & warranty packages


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          Dementia Friendly Height Adjustable Bath”