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        Family and Domestic Bathrooms

        Bathrooms are often considered to be one of the most private rooms in any house, however, if someone is not in a position to independently access or use the facilities, it can have a detrimental effect on both the individual and any family members or carers involved.


        Accessible Bathrooms: Increased Independence and Dignity

        By creating a more accessible bathroom, it’s possible to help retain dignity, increase independence, and alleviate some of the stress and strain for care givers, creating a happier home and making the lives of everyone concerned easier.


        A Room for all the Family: Beautiful Designs and Multi-Usage

        Astor-Bannerman prides itself on designing high functioning equipment that still looks great and fits within a family bathroom, and can be used by all the family.


        Catering for Different Needs: Surveys, Demonstrations and CAD Layouts

        We understand that all needs are different and no two rooms are the same.  That’s why we always offer site surveys, demonstrations, assessments and keep in touch every step of the way to make your life easier. We also provide CAD drawings so there are no surprises and you can visualise what your new bathroom will look like.

        For any enquiries about our Astor-Bannerman products, please contact our team