Nestled within the innovative hub of the Royal Docks Centre of Sustainability at The University of East London, a groundbreaking addition has been made to enhance inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals. The introduction of the hygiene room marks a significant milestone for accessibility in the area. Currently, there is only one other Changing Places facility available, making this new facility a crucial addition to meet the pressing needs of individuals with diverse mobility requirements within the Royal Docks community and its surrounding areas.

hygiene room equipment

At the core of this facility lies the meticulously selected equipment:

changing places toilet university of east london

power in partnership

changing places toilet university of east london
changing places toilet university of east london
changing places toilet university of east london

Located within the Royal Docks Centre of Sustainability, this Changing Places hygiene room reflects a harmonious collaboration between the University of East London and Astor Bannerman. Beyond meeting the highest accessibility standards, this facility seamlessly integrates into the university’s commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

As students, staff, and visitors navigate the dynamic campus of the University of East London, they can now do so with the confidence that accessibility is a priority. The establishment of this hygiene room signifies a significant stride in cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and able to fully participate in university life.

For institutions seeking inspiration or guidance on implementing similar initiatives, the University of East London’s Royal Docks Centre of Sustainability serves as a shining example of how collaboration and innovation can create inclusive spaces that reflect a commitment to both accessibility and sustainability.

Feel free to reach out if you require assistance or guidance with your Changing Places project, or if you need additional support regarding the equipment specifications for Changing Places facilities.

changing places astor bannerman

who are astor bannerman...

Astor Bannerman offer the full range of products specified by Changing Places regulations, including fixed and mobile changing tables, hoists, height adjustable washbasins, toilets and accessories. We are always developing new products, and are proud to have developed the Astor Invincible, the first changing table designed specifically for Changing Places toilets.

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